Essential Oil Sample Bottles
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Essential Oil Sample Bottles

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Got a custom blend you love to apply? Have a diluted oil you want to keep ready? Roll-on bottles are the perfect solution! They’re spill-proof, mess-proof, and allow you to apply the ideal amount to your skin. Just roll on and massage in.

10 ml bottles with roll-on inserts and caps.


1. Provides an even application of your PURE Essential Oils.
2. Great for single oils or mix a custom blend.
3. Makes applying PURE Essential Oils convenient and easy.


1. Do not overfill bottle; make sure roll-on top is secure before using.
2. Store and transport bottles in an upright position to help prevent leakage.
3. If the roll-on ball does not move freely, try moving it manually with your fingers.
4. Remember to label your oils so they can be easily identified.

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