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In A Pikle

Petite PIkle - Blush

Petite PIkle - Blush

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Our new “Petite Pikle” holds many of our original convenience items in a small bag that can go anywhere!  The bag features pink faux leather, nylon interior and zippered top with gold hardware.  We have 4 Paks to choose from so you can customize the contents.  Select from one of our paks below.

Does not include interior pouches.
Petite Pak: Clippers, bandages, tweezers, scissors, sewing kit, pill box, lens wipes, bobby pins, rubber bands, safety pins, paper clips, screwdrivers, hair bands
Outdoor Pak: Carabiner, bandages, pocket knife, matches, tool card, lens cloth, clippers, tweezers.
Desk Pak: Markers, bandages, scissors, stapler, staples, hole punch, tape dispenser, rubber bands, paper clips, safety pins, bobby pins, hair bands, screwdrivers, mini towel tablet.
Baby Petite Pak: Goober getter, clippers, thermometer strips, cotton swabs, bandages, mini towel tablets.
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