Welcome to Pflugcrew's

Welcome to Pflugcrew's


I am Tracy (Pflug) Hess. I started Pflugcrew when I became a part of the wonderful family of 7.We have quite the crew of three girls and two boys. Now that they are adults and have families of their own I am able to transfer my focus onto the products that have helped me to have our family stay together.

I discovered a fantastic bag that has so many uses, it is hard to list them all at once. I will introduce you to as many of the uses as I can and hope that you will help me by commenting and sharing your ideas of uses. There are many colors and three sizes. Compact items that are sure to fit and will help with everyday little emergencies and mishaps. Available for men, women, and children.

I believe in natural products and using oils, but I would also like to educate you about both. Oils can be dangerous to our family if not used properly. I hope that you can share with experiences good/bad about relief from pain, headaches, skin problems and overall better health. join my Facebook group and get updates monthly about oils. The all natural products i recommend are from a company that is 30 years old. They have been around and have over 400 products to help with cleaning, health and weight management.

Since I am an active Motorcycle enthusiast I am always looking for products that are able to make my trip easier. The IN A Pikle Bag and 85mph hats are a constant companion. 

Please look around and let me know if you have any questions.




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